WELCOME. Below is "stuff" for you.  Whether you are a business, a professional, or just want a picture for yourself. For example to the media for stock the image of. But remember copyright, INFO.
NOTE! In my photos and in my other jobs, I have tried to get out of that "ordinary", looking for a little something extra, different?.

  Click on the image to enlarge it.   -   Klikkaa kuvaa niin saat sen suuremmaksi

   Pictures are not in any "category order".                Kuvat eivät ole missään "kategoria järjestyksessä".

 My other jobs

    Posters - Paintings - Drawings

     Made with different techniques/styles

                                    These photos are processed
                            Digital image processing improved / corrected stock photos and image.

Hello, I'm M P Labland  Finland and my hobbies are photography, music, painting and other arts. Will I photograph anything interesting ?? My photos and my other works on this page, can be freely shared on social media, but you always remember to mention the photographer/maker. But e.g. media and advertising professionals must always apply for permission via email.    Remember copyright!

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